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Traveling Sweater….again. September 13, 2011

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I gave my completed Traveling Sweater to my Mom, only fair since she gave me all the yarn, and it certainly did not fit me. Upon receiving the sweater, though she sewed up the thumb holes that I left, she said that she would purchase me yarn to make another sweater, this one big enough for me.

As promised I received a box from my Mom a week or two after the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon where she purchases her Blue Moon Fiber. I opened up the box to find 5 hanks of the same beautiful grey Woobu that I had made the first one out of. I will admit to giggling with glee on the sight of the yarn.

I spent that afternoon rolling all the hanks with my ball winder and the swift that my husband made me. If it wasn’t for that swift I would probably never get all that winding done. I began as soon as the last ball was wound.

I cast on with the same size 3 needles and began plugging along on the collar/body. I had completed 2 complete wedges before I noticed the issue that I was creating, of course I was in denial for a few rows.

Every knitter has the moment they realize there is a problem, but deny any acknowledgment of said issue because it will work out. That is where I was when I realized that the collar was turning too much, the area for my back and shoulders was the size of an arm hole, and after only knitting 2 out of 8 wedges I had a half circle.

After consulting the pattern I discovered that i had only put 3 rows in between the short row work, instead of the required 15 rows, needless to say the problem could not be fixed, nor could it be ignored.

Luckily I only stayed in the denial stage for a short time and moved onto acceptance that I would have to rip it out down to the first wedge segment I completed. I put it aside for a week, the thought of ripping out work made me sick, and it was best that I tackled this task with a clear mind. Thank goodness that I marked the last stitch of the first wedge segment. I have gone back and ripped out too many rows to count, but have been unable to pick up what I have left. So much for having this sweater for fall.


Traveling Sweater January 20, 2011

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Shortly after my Mom taught me to knit I started to gather knowledge and experiment with techniques in books. My Parents are retired and travel, so much of the year they are somewhere warmer then snowy Utah. Only after a few lessons I was left to my own devices. Admittedly, not all my attempts at greatness were successful, but all of those attempts made my knowledge  of knitting grow.  On the next visit from my parents, I was able to start teaching my Mom some of the things that I had learned. That continues to my Traveling Sweater, the pattern and the yarn, a soft Merino and bamboo, was given to me by my mother, with the intent of me making it, so I can help her through hers, but it truth, I think she knew I could never afford the beautiful yarn the pattern called for.

I took the yarn home and started the body/collar. I had a bit of an issue with the wrapping stitches to make the curve of what essentially turns into a flat donut. Wrapping stitches at the end of short rows prevents holes developing in the fabric when you turn and head back. Wrapping a stitch, also called a wrap and turn, consists of moving the yarn to the front when knitting and the back when purling, slipping said stitch, and putting the yarn back to the original position and slipping the stitch back to the left needle. With a turn of your work you are the knitting back on the stitches you just knit. The issue comes for me when you knit all the stitches across, the pattern says to work the wraps for a knit stitch by putting your needle through the wrap then the stitch was wrapped, then knitting them together.  For Purl stitch you bring the wrap onto the needle and purl the 2 together. After many attempts to work the purl wraps, it would leave a loose loop on the back, and since this sweater body has no wrong or right side after it is assembled, I simply modified the pattern, putting all my wraps on a knit stitch by decreasing or increasing the stitch count between wraps, solving the problem.

The sleeves were quick to knit up, and soon I had all the pieces washed and laid out to be blocked.  The sleeves, sewn to the body while leaving the center open to create a seem by a 2 stitch i-cord bind off that creates a bumped out seam down the back.  The pattern was confusing to me when describing this seam, but after a quick email to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the sent me a picture of the back, clearing up any confusion I had.

I did alter the seam to the sleeves by adding thumb holes and extending the sleeves to be a comfortable length as the pattern describes leaving the stitches on the sleeves live so that you can adjust the length to best fit you.

The sweater came out beautifully, if i do say so myself, though one problem arose after i completed it. It didn’t fit. I guess my next goal for 2011 it to fit into it!