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Altering with needles…continued. March 12, 2012

Filed under: Knitting Projects,The Repair Pile — cydknits @ 9:03 am

After the first I was eager to find a creative method to alter a shirt that I got in Jackson Hole a few years ago. It fit when I purchased it, but…it does not now, and lets leave it at that. I hated to get rid of it because I have been in love with it since seeing it in the store, even if we have been estranged as of the last few years. It ended up in the stack of repairs, the issue: Too tight.

The solution as I saw it: I needed to add a few inches on each side. After consideration I decided that I would simply make scarf like strips to the exact length of the side seam from bottom hem to sleeve cuff. My measurements came to 28″ long.

I chose to K2, P2 making sure the last two stitches are Knit for easier sewing later. I chose a rib knit because I did not want to worry about shaping, and the rib will stretch and shrink where it needs to. Here are my two side gussets all ready to go.

I first split the seams of the shirt, trimming out excess bulk from the old seam. I was not worried about removing extra fabric as the gussets would make up for any difference.

Matching the right sides of the front and gusset together, and pinning securely as the knitting has a way of moving around. I used a zig-zag stitch on my machine to attach. Then doing the same with the front. Hindsight being as is it, I believe that I should have knitted a flat garter stitch boarder on each side of the panel to make the seaming go smoother…Perhaps 2 stitches on each side.

I think I got the best compliment when I wore this shirt for the first time: “Looks like you bought it that way!”

I wonder what will come up next in the repair pile…


One Response to “Altering with needles…continued.”

  1. Joyce Says:

    It looks great on too Cyd! Thanks for posting this.

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