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Make yourself a record of your knitting history… October 4, 2011

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It is like your very own biography all about your knitting career.  I ask you: Who wouldn’t want a book about themselves and knitting? I flip through mine and it is like a walk through memory lane. Ah, I remember making that bag felted bag, I used the yarn I got for Christmas in 2008 from my husband and daughter, and made a matching flower at the spur of the moment because i saw it on Knitting Daily when I stayed home sick. I know all of this because I wrote it down.

Do you document what projects you make? Well if not you should, besides a portfolio of your work, you can keep track of the particulars of a project such as needle size for the correct gauge, or if you made any alterations to a pattern. Or perhaps remind you why you do not like certain methods or techniques; I find it helpful to remind myself why I don’t work Fair Isle when I think about trying it again at a whim.

My knitting journal is a spiral bound book, it is nothing special, just a blank journal. You could also use a 3 ring binder and sheet protectors there are so many options. I first include the pattern name, or I name it if it is my own creation. Next, I mark the date I started (and because usually have waited to do this until my project is done, I also include the finish date as well.). I always include a pattern copy, on my own creations I write the pattern in the book, that way if you want to make it again there is no searching for that Spring of 2007 magazine or the slip of paper you jotted notes on as you made your sample.

Don’t forget to log the yarn you used for the project. I always include a yarn label and a bit of yarn, enough to use in case there is a future surgery needed. I also include the swatch with the correct gauge, noting the gauge, I like to have it there, I think it is better to see and feel the actual yarn knitted up, then just a picture of the piece. I simply staple or tape the items into the book along with my writings.

I think it is necessary to include pictures of the front, back and any detail that is on it such as pockets or embellishments. The more, the better; especially if you plan on selling the item or giving it as a gift. I always include who I sold it to and how much I sold it for.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own knitting history book. In fact, writing this has given me a brain storm, the cover customized with selected pictures from inside.  Hmmmmm, just what I need is another idea!


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